Meet the Authors #1

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Come out and meet some of the local talent at the Fuzzy Dog Books & Music in Charles Town WV on May 18th! There will be eBook giveaways! Visit them at 

TW Johnson 
This creative writing team of Teddi and Wulf Johnson is a spouse writer/creator duo living in the wilds of West Virginia. They take you on an adventure through the eyes of a single character in a realm of wondrous magic, perilous journeys, and deep intrigues; a world born in the horrors of war. A world where not all allies are friends, just as not all foes are enemies. 

Mary Decker has only ever considered herself qualified for two jobs, Software Developer and Writer. Mary combines the talents of software design, critical thinking, and humor to bring her fiction works to life. 


Brian Miller is a student of History and Mythology. His books are not confined to a specific genre, nor are the stories themselves. Each is packed with raw emotion, desire, action, and dark humor. 

Kirsten Miller stories run the gamut from horror and fantasy to dramatic thrillers ripped from current events. She promises to deliver an unexpected ending with each tale. 

What Amazon readers have to say about Cruel Magic

“I’m not very good at writing g reviews but I know when I like a book and it’s worth telling others to read, Cruel Magic is one of those!” 

“What a rollercoaster. Cruel Magic has intrigue and suspense with a dose of romance. I hope this is just the beginning of Tori’s adventures. I highly recommend this fast-paced story.” 

“The book got your attention from the start and kept it all through the story. can’t wait to see what other adventures Tori and Preston have in store for them. This is a must read, for all you crime buffs.” 

Graceli Kaye: 

Mrs. Kaye has grown up in the tri-state area of MD/WV/VA. The desire to write came in her tween years, but now the stories in her head have taken on a creative life of their own in this debut series. 

What Amazon readers have to say about Forgotten!

“The story immediately captures you by pulling you inside of Tahlia’s head as she struggles to wake up. The snatches of consciousness, the jumbled thoughts, the snippets of conversations draw you in and keep you interested.”

“Tahlia is a strong and sensitive young woman who faces seemingly insurmountable challenges to regain her memory, mobility and her life. She faces these challenges with bravery and humor that draws the reader in and keeps you turning the pages as fast as you can.” 

Also see the artwork of C.E. Zacherl Illustrations:

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