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We are authors that have been creating stories over a lifetime! 

Mary Decker has only ever considered herself qualified for two jobs, Software Developer and Writer. She has participated in several fiction contests over the last six years and serves locally as a Deputy Sheriff’s Reserve.  Her writing is featured in local and international anthologies, including The Appalachian CompilationLAST WRITES: Haunting Tales from The Mountain Scribes, and FlashDogs Time, Past, Present and Future, all available on Amazon. Mary combines the talents of software design, critical thinking, and humor to bring her fiction works to life. Most recently, she has focused on expanding her contribution as editor and non-fiction writer with her current project, “Does this Body Armor Make Me Look Fat?” 

Wulf Johnson has been creating stories through his own role-playing game for over 35 years. He has lead scores of gamers through 1000s of hours of storytelling, artistic landscapes, individual character building, and world development. He has published historical research articles, self-published his own RPG, and created song lyrics, and tales that are still shared at late night campfires across the known world. He has spent over twenty years of training and developing his hands-on knowledge of pre 15th-century sword techniques to help create more believable fighting scenes. Wulf is currently working on bringing The Possible Dream: Tales of Wulfric Grimbeald to life as he takes the reader on a journey through the medieval life of a pilgriming Laird. 

Teddi Johnson has been giving Wulf’s musings the longevity that can only be accomplished by putting them to paper. She has created collections that can be passed on and replicated for years to come. Teddi also brings to the table skills and experience in managing the financial and day-to-day workings of a small business. She has worked with business promotions, inventory management, and point-of-sale site development. She has two projects currently, both take you on an adventure through the eyes of her characters in a realm of wondrous magic, perilous journeys, and deep intrigues. Her gritty realism and vividly descriptive prose come from a lifetime of experience, her characters touch the survivor spark in all of us. 

Besides our own writing and experience, we also have other authors bringing their talents to the Etched in Darkness team.

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